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Contribution Guidelines

This file may be changed from time to time, keep that in mind.

Contributions are generaly welcome.

On the bottom of every page you can find a "Edit this page on GitHub" link, which will take you directly to the source code.
Typos or grammar related problems can be fixed directly in the master branch. (English is not my native language, I would really appreciate it)
Everything else should use the standard GitHub flow.

If you want to make a breaking change or have a “big idea” you should open an issue first, so we could discuss it first.

Contributors will be mentioned in the README and the root page.

Layout structure

If you want to add a whole new site, you should stay consistant to the layout I am using.

  • Every page, component or view should contain a description about it’s usage
  • Every page, component or view should contain one or more example use cases
  • A “full app example” is optional, but should be added whenever possible
  • Availabilities/Compatibilities should be added whenever required

The “full app example”

A “full app example” is constructed with the following code snippets.

H2 Heading and Info Badge:

## Full app example 
<span><span class="label is-h2-label">SwiftUI 2.0 or newer</span><span>

Filename and Preview

This is basically just copy and paste. You should add a few more lines to the image alt attribute and definately add the image path (/assets/images/…) itself and don’t forget the code.

<div class="code-preview-container">
  <div class="code-preview">
    <span class="filename">
        <img alt="Swift file icon" aria-hidden="true" src="/assets/images/swift-file-icon.png" class="swift-file-icon file-icon">ContentView.swift
    <div class="runtime-preview collapsed">
      <button class="header">
        <span class="runtime-preview-label">Preview</span>
        <span aria-label="Hide" class="preview-hide"></span>
        <span aria-label="Show" class="preview-show"></span>
      <div class="runtime-preview-asset">
        <div class="asset">
            <img alt="A screenshot from the Xcode preview as it would appear on iPhone. --ADD MORE HERE--" srcset="--IMAGE PATH-- 1x" src="--IMAGE PATH--" width="834" height="auto">

Add the swift markdown code block here...
{: .full-app-example-code}